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Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Tardiness Habitual

There are many possible reasons for habitual tardiness. The most common cause is usually one of two things. Either the person really doesn't want to be where he's supposed to be, therefore oft times showing up late...or sometimes not at all, OR it's a question of vanity. Sometimes those who arrive after the meeting has started simply wish, through some unconscious desire, to draw attention to themselves. It's as if he wants to jump up and down and dance about crying "look at me!!! look at me!!! In the case of The Anointed One, it's a tough call.

Would it be racist of me to suggest the possibility of laziness? After all he did vote "present" over a hundred times in the Illinois Legislature (except for the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act which he voted against FOUR TIMES, but then we all have our pet issues, don't we?). But then again, we may find the real reason he was late all those times was that Michelle Obama took too long dressing him in the morning. Maybe an obstinate Barack "couldn't" get his fists through his cuffs and whined about not remembering how to tie his shoes, saying "do it for me!" There is just no telling as to why he was always late. But shouldn't it bother us more simply that he was? And so often?

(h/t: Ala)


Paul said...

Oh, come now, Matt. Let's be more charitable. Maybe it was "I'll just have one more cigarette, and an extra cup of coffee" (and I'm a smoker, so I can sympathize), or "Baby, you look smoking to need to rus off to work just yet" (I was married to a beautiful woman, too.) Or maybe it was like you say. No matter which, I don't want a C in C eho arrives late for the crisis meetings.