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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Howard Stern Experiment

I am NOT a Howard Stern fan...BUT this bit they did on 10-13 is well worth passing along. Here he interviews some Obama supporters and substitutes McCain's policies in place of Obama's and asks each subject what they think of both the candidates and the policy. Conservatives will find the results predictable, as Stern proves that Obama supporters really do NOT know their candidate. I wonder how many members of the Main Stream Media would fair as poorly.


Kevin Gleeson said...

It all goes to show Obama's got a lock on his skinstituency.

Paul said...

In all fairness, a longer clip of the same show on YouTube shows that Stern's stooge actually found a lone McCain supporter in Harlem. When the stooge asked him if we was comfortable with McCain's pick of Joe Biden as his vice-presidential candidate, the fellow said he was. (Lord help us all.)

Matt said...

Perhaps he thought McCain was the black candidate. You never know.

Paul said...

Either way, it shows that many (potential) voters are ill-informed and ignorant about the issues and their candidates' stances thereon.

I continue to get the impression that most of these ill-informed voters are Obama supporters, who are reacting purely emotionally, but once BO and the Dems turn this into a country where only 30-35% of the populace pay taxes, won't this only get worse?

Can you say, "Bread, Games and Circuses," boys and girls?