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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Wins! Biden And MSM Looking Tired

Tonight's Vice-Presidential debate was anything but a snoozer, with both candidates performing quite ably throughout. Though the only thing close to a zinger was Sarah Palin's comment that no one got Biden's joke when he announced earlier in the campaign he would never consider accepting the VP nod.

Even more interesting (to me, at least) was after the debate when two cable news channels, Fox and CNN, asked their respective samples of voters (equal number of Democrats and Republicans) who the victor was. As you would expect after becoming jaded about the MSM, the Fox sample almost unanimously declared Palin the victor while the CNN sample resoundingly claimed that Biden won. Now how can this be...unless CNN and/or Fox pre-screened their samples to include opposite party members who were closer to sitting on the fence than their preferred counterparts? In other words CNN must have rigged their sample with Republicans who weren't too enthusiastic about McCain-Palin, and/or Fox rigged theirs with less enthusiastic Democrats for Obama-Biden. My guess is that the Fox sample was probably more genuine because they consisted entirely of Anheuser-Busch employees in St. Louis. How are they more genuine? Consider that McCain's wife owns Coors, a direct competitor of Budweiser, and the object of ire in a competitive beer market. That and the fact that CNN once avoided reporting atrocities by Saddam Hussein so they could continue having access there. They've never had credibility in my book.

The debate itself settled the Palin issue. She proved she is an asset to the ticket, not a liability. It may have also worked the same for Biden, in that the rumors of Hillary replacing him will die out soon, if not abruptly tonight.

Palin looked energetic, sounded good, and hopefully restored confidence in her ability to step in for McCain from day one. Biden looked tired but attacked his friend, McCain, often. He also had many facts at his disposal, though some will be called into question.