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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review Of New Divine Mercy iPhone App

Snagged this pic from the Marian Bros website.
As of New Year's Day there is a new iPhone app on the market which can be purchased FREE of charge at the App Store, but so far only for those using iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  It is the OFFICIAL Divine Mercy app from the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, and it is a winner.

There are all kinds of apps sold by iTunes with clever names that try to get at least 99 cents or up to $4.99 out of you, but this one has neither a price tag or a clever name, eg., iConfess, iPray, etc...  Simply called Divine Mercy app, it has several colorful features, all of which are in very good working order --no bugs yet-- and all user-friendly. 

Without getting into the history of Saint Faustina (you can do that on the Marian Father's website to which I linked in the first paragraph, or get the app and read all about her), I'd like to draw your attention to the many features, all clearly displayed and easy to access.  At the bottom of each page are four tabs:  The Message, The Devotion, Mercy Plus, and Settings.  In each page of the first three tabs are six icons, while the Settings page allows you to turn on the Audio Chaplet and choose among the three most famous Divine Mercy images:  the Hyla (I don't prefer this one.  Jesus looks a bit too effete), the Skemp (not thrilled about this one either.  Jesus looks like he just climbed off his motorcycle), and the original Vilnius image (My preference which looks most like the painting commissioned by Saint Faustina, herself, and most closely matches the image of the Shroud of Turin).

The Message icons include an introduction of Divine Mercy, the timeline, the Mercy Popes (there were only two) excerpts from the Diary of St. Faustina, and a Resources icon where you can buy stuff.  All are packed with information.

The Devotion icons include the Chaplet with rosary beads lit up to help you keep your place (you have to manually scroll down my moving your finger in a downward motion on the screen.  There are no instructions to do this.  At the end you need to go back in reverse to force a prompt asking you if you wish to start over, again no instructions for this.  Thank me later.  There is an image icon so you can gaze upon Jesus and meditate on His Mercy.  Other icons here include 3 O'Clock Hour, Way of the Cross, Feast of Mercy, and Novena & Other Prayers, all of which have sub-headings full of very helpful information.

The final tab (before the Settings tab) is Mercy Plus with icons linking to The Marians, Marian Helpers, Apostolates, The Shrine, current Articles, and of course, a Catalog where you can buy stuff.

Perhaps the links to places where you can purchase stuff makes up for the fact that this is free, but in any case I would grab this FREE app before someone gets wise and starts charging for it.  Basically you get an awful lot for nothing.  And these days that's mighty attractive.


T. Paine said...

Dang! This sounds great but I need it for an Android phone... :(

Cmom said...

I am with T. Paine. I too have an android phone. As soon as it is available for my phone though....I will have it. Great post. Thank you.