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Monday, October 20, 2008

ACORN Rotten From Treetop to Roots

From today's New York Post:

[Pushed to meet daily quotas and bullied by bosses if they didn't, Ohio ACORN workers faked voter registrations, signed up people more than once, and even paid off registrants to keep from being fired, its canvassers told The Post.

"Every day, there was pressure on us. Every single day," said Teshika Elder, a Cleveland single mom of three who worked for ACORN this summer.

"We had meetings every morning where they'd go over your quota; they'd yell at you if you were low," said Elder, 21. "They'd sit us down and say if you didn't do better, they'd suspend you. They'd say, 'Try harder next time,' [and] if you didn't get it, you'd be fired."]

Read the rest of the article and learn all about the pitifully corrupt ACORN HERE.

What do normal people who have proper values do when pressured by their bosses to commit illegal acts?

1) Call the police

2) Call the home office and report misbehavior.

3) Quit and get another damn job. It's only office work and probably doesn't pay much anyway. You CAN work somewhere else, you know. Swallow your pride and drive a truck for a living. It pays more and you can sleep at night. I did.

The people running ACORN are corrupt. The people hired by the people running ACORN are corruptible. That's one of the reasons they were hired. They are either people with a liberal mindset who believe in advancing liberal causes by any means necessary, or they simply have no spine and live in constant fear of being replaced. I know I shouldn't judge too harshly. Sometimes these things sneak up on people...gradually. But when a person realizes what they have become, it's time to reform...unless they have no fortitude. Welcome to ACORN.

Barack Hussein Obama has close ties to ACORN. Google Obama and ACORN and see. I'll save you the trouble. See Kurtz's NRO column HERE.


Paul said...

From the Obama campaign: "The Senator had only limited contacts with Acorn in the past--he passed under some oak trees in Hyde Park, and saw several squirrels with fat cheeks in the neighborhood--and, even if these reports are true, he says, 'This is not the Acorn that I once knew.' (Just like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, or that little victim of a botched abortion that was left to die on a darkened IL hospital shelf, none of whom he really knew very well, either.) Besides, he was just endorsed by Colin Powell, so pay no atention to that other stuff."