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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's All About Freedom And Obama Doesn't Get It

This is the You Tube video everyone is talking about. Pay close attention to the ending.

I couldn't agree more with this war hero that freedom is a concept which Obama doesn't seem to quite grasp. To us, freedom means making our own decisions about our lives and then taking responsibility for the consequences; then utilizing our freedom to make more choices and changing said consequences, if necessary.

But to Obama, freedom is not the means to an end, but rather the end itself, requiring some form of government imposed intervention to achieve it. In other words, to Obama one must be successful in order to be free rather than free in order to be successful. But the government intervention doesn't go away once success is achieved. For in Obama's world, the successful must be heavily burdened with the responsibility of those who are unsuccessful. This is the whole idea behind his plan to "spread the wealth around."

To Obama, freedom is success engineered by authorities who give very little flexibility in the outcome. And it stands to reason that if everyone is "successful" to the same degree then the high end of success is reduced, along with our incentives to achieve. One merely has to look at history. From each according to his ability to each according to his need. Although Obama's intentions may not be quite so rigid, that Marxist quote seems to be the foundation upon which his fundamental views rest. And history has proven that this does NOT work in the long term.

My own view and the view of most Americans is that while I am working to acquire riches and/or success in life, I do not expect to be bailed out by my government when I'm wrong anymore than I wish to have my pocket picked when I'm right. And this is only part of why the war vet in the video above was willing to risk his life (and lose his leg).