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Friday, October 17, 2008

I Voted Today...Legally!

There are a few things I want to talk about before turning the bulk of the postings over to my longtime friend and partner in crime, Kevin Gleeson, who will be a guest blogger for the next few months or as long as he wishes. Things are quite busy at work and require my utmost attention.

First, I voted absentee today and it felt terrific! Even though things don't look promising for McCain-Palin these days poll-wise, It felt great to know that I canceled out another vote by Mickey Mouse and friends come November 4th. And I found out that you can vote early and absentee without any picture ID if you simply tell the guy behind the counter that you have voted there in the past. I didn't actually try this, but the guy admitted to it. Imagine that. Something to keep in mind for '12 when I register 73 times. Or perhaps all of my high school classmates from Sterling, IL will find themselves registered and voting (some even posthumously) in Lancaster Co. PA. Life is strange, and voting in America is no exception. I merely jest here. But you know they would fix everything and make it fair if they wanted to. Right?

Secondly, as I was traveling through Galesburg, IL, I noticed yet another style of Obama-Biden campaign sign that shows Obama's name very prominently (to be expected), but shows poor Joe Biden's name almost invisible (huh??). In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say it almost looks...rather racist. Not that Obama hates white people, we'll leave that to Michelle...and Jeremiah Wright...and Farrakhan...etc. But could it be that Obama is a little insecure about people thinking the white guy will be in charge and therefore downplaying Biden's name on the ticket? Could be a bit of a stretch, ...but for the Obama camp to suggest that Sarah Palin wearing a white outfit suggests a white supremacist attitude, it makes one wonder who is race obsessed and who isn't.

Or perhaps the Obama camp realized its mistake of appointing Joe Biden to the ticket and now wants to really really downplay it. Kind of like George H. W. Bush downplaying Dan Quayle's role. See any similarities here?


Bill Jensen said...

Makes one wonder just how "honored" Biden really is.

Anonymous said...

I saw a similar sign but in blue. Biden's name was "maybe" a shade lighter than the background. When I saw that, I had the same thought you did.