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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unhinged "Thompson-Bashers" Crawling Out Of The Gutter

The latest attacks from the pathetically, nervous Democrat fringe (mainstream liberals) are claims that Fred Thompson is gay. Please give me a moment to stop laughing...................................wait, I need more wait........okay I think I can collect myself now... Pheeew.

The rumors seem to be based on Thompson's hiring of a former Rick Santorum campaign aid by the name of Robert Traynham who is actually said to be gay. Well, that explains it. The Democrats are homophobes! They're the kind of people who in high school would call anyone gay who sat near someone who didn't try out for the football team. I thought this was the kind of bigoted tripe that liberals were fighting against. But then that does sound like typical liberal hypocrisy. The very liberal NAACP would not only refuse to defend Condoleeza Rice or Michael Steele against racial utterances, but encourage their usage behind the scenes. When Bill Clinton was accused of raping Juanita Broderick, sexually molesting Kathleen Wiley, and dropping his drawers in front of Paula Jones, NOW and other feminists were awfully silent. So now are the liberals who remain silent during pathetic accusations of homosexuality in the case of Fred Thompson. Perhaps in this case they're too embarrassed to put their two cents in.

Fred Thompson has a very intelligent wife who is 20 years his junior and who is an accomplished attorney. She is also very good looking. Way to go, Fred! I think she would be quite surprised to hear he's gay. So would all of those ex-girlfriends who also think highly of him. So would his first wife who not only thinks highly of him, but has expressed a desire to campaign for him. I'm sure the Clintons envy this kind of relationship resume, like the rest of us poor folk admire Bill Gates' bank statement balances---as being magnificently out of reach.

So why hire a homosexual to help manage the campaign? Perhaps he was recommended and has talent. Perhaps Fred, having worked in Hollywood as an actor for so many years, has been around enough gay people so as not to feel nervous in their presence. Isn't this the kind of enlightenment that liberals crave and claim conservatives don't possess? They must really be frightened of Fred!