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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recent Poll Betrays Democrat Mentality (Among Other Things)

On Monday, July 2nd, Rasmussen Reports came out with a poll that didn't surprise too many people. It showed Hilliary Clinton in the lead for the Democrat nomination at 39%, followed by Barack Obama at 26%, with John Edwards trailing in the distance with a mere 13%. All others are wallowing at 5% or less. The above percentages have hovered consistently at these levels for months, though 39% is the highest so far for Mrs. Clinton.

What's surprising is the poll taken this past Friday, which shows that 46% of American voters expect the Democrat party to nominate a white male for President. Even more surprising, however, is that the number goes even higher, to 53%, when only Democrats are polled, while only 40% think it's not very likely.

So what the heck is going on here? Are Democrats so out of touch with current events that they have no clue as to who's ahead in the polls? Do they ever watch the news or read a newspaper? We know they don't listen to talk radio, not much of them anyway--lest they convert. It's possible they're simply out of touch, having gotten most of their news from Hollywood actors, Michael Moore, and John Stewart. But the fact that 46% of ALL American voters believing the same when the highest polling Democrat white male is only at 13%, says there's more to it than only Democrat idiocy.

Delving deeper into the numbers we find that 58% of self-identified liberals and 51% of women in general, both of whom should know better, think the Democrat nominee will be a white male. This can only mean one thing: Gender confusion! They think Hillary is a man! And it could be said that Hillary Clinton has been acting much too man-ish lately. Wagging her finger while angrily berating the Bush administration with her angry guy-face and wearing pantsuits has taken their toll on her image. All this and the fact that the former President (Bill) suggested he be referred to as First Laddy (advice he received from a Scotsman recently) should Hillary win.

How can she fix this? Wouldn't dusting off that old pink outfit she wore to her Senate Whitewater hearing so many years ago be the solution? Well, apparently not. She's done it a few times already, in Iowa for example, which has had little effect if Friday's numbers are accurate.

So what's happening? Looking further into the survey we find that 68% say they personally would vote for a woman for President. That's down from 78% back in January of this year. So what's with the downtrend?!? It is possibly due to her recent antiwar stance---perhaps 10% fewer voters just don't feel secure with the idea of having her in charge. And even though 68% sounds high to some, one must remember that 32% would vote against Hillary because she's a she. So, with all the contradictions, which polls are we to believe? The ones at the ballot box, of course! Hillary could be in for a surprise when the primary actually starts.

Billary pic courtesy of IHillary.