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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good News! "John Doe" Has Risen!

In what Laura Ingraham would refer to as a "power to the people" moment, calls and letters have given mandate and influence to Senator Joe Lieberman and Representative Peter King in their triumphant resurrection of the "John Doe Protections" provision in the Sept. 11 security bill. The bill is expected to pass the House later this week, then off for easy victory in the Senate and then signed into law by President Bush.

These protections that House Democrats fought to remove (and succeeded temporarily) will give liability protections for people who report suspicious activity to authorities, so they cannot be sued by "Flying Imams" or anyone else getting bent out of shape. After all, who would report activity they feel is suspicious or terrorist-like if they're afraid of mortgaging their home to pay the legal fees from being sued?

The lack of common sense in the Democrat controlled Congress has not only taken its toll on their approval ratings (46% say Congress is doing a "poor job" while only 16% say good or excellent), which are the lowest in history, but have made them an easy mark for their constituents.

Therein lies the silver lining. People who used to sit back, watch the news, and mutter angrily to themselves that nothing can be done, now have their Congressman's phone and fax numbers on post-it notes stuck to their refrigerators for the next Congressional outrage. Voter participation has gotten very pro-active of late, thanks to the Immigration Bill defeat, which has given voters a sense of empowerment they have not before felt. With this latest turn-around we can see that it continues...


Anonymous said...


Another fine catch. Apart from Joe Lieberman, the Dems continue to seem so out of touch with the fact that we are at war that it's pathetic that they may be trusted with our national security in 2008.


Teleza said...

You write very well.