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Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Fourth-Of-July-Week Reading...

Someone by the name of "Bookworm" wrote a very thought-provoking article in The American Thinker called Responsible Adults about our presidential candidates. Here's an excerpt of that:

None of these Democratic candidates, including Hillary herself, would make it as heroes in a good ol' American romance novel. More significantly, can you imagine any of these Democratic candidates doing what my young Marine Corp officer did? That is, can you imagine any one of them putting himself (or herself, of course) in a position of real physical danger specifically because he (or she) craves the opportunity to exercise responsibility over the well-being of other people? I know that I can't.

I also know that the leading Republican candidates, whatever their failings (and they do have failings, many of them), have been men who have not shied away, but have embraced, responsibility throughout all or most of their careers. And this statement is true whether the responsibility they embraced involved personally placing themselves at physical risk (a la McCain or Giuliani) or "merely" taking responsibility for the fiscal well-being and physical safety of others (as did Giuliani, Romney and Thompson).

Be sure to read the whole article. It's really quite insightful. Thanks to Paul G. for sending me the link.


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