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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Open Minded...Until They Disagree

Fellow University of Illinois alumnus, Matt Kaufman, has written another fine column, this time about an outrageous case of political correctness in Oakland, CA in which words like natural, marriage, and family values, have been declared hate speech.
An excerpt:

Then came the threat. An Oakland official, Deputy Executive Director Joyce Hicks, sent out a memo to city employees citing "fliers ... in public view which contained statements of a homophobic nature" which "were determined to promote sexual orientation-based harassment." This, Hicks warned, could bring punishments "up to and including termination."

The GNEA ladies didn't get intimidated. Instead, they got attorneys. Aided by a sympathetic group, the Pro-Family Law Center, they turned up a bunch of evidence that their views had been singled out to be silenced. But judges sided with the city: A U.S. District Court for Northern California said marriage and family values had "anti-homosexual import." The next court up from there, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the city was merely pursuing its "legitimate administrative interests."

You must read the whole thing (click here), as it's really quite alarming...and could be on its way to your home town soon.

Also, just for fun, check out Michael Fumento's hate mail. He and Matt Kaufman were College Republicans together at the U of I.

I was a U of I student at the same time as they,...but I was too busy dating the Vice President of the College Democrats (I hate to admit). My enlightenment came later...