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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fred and Hillary tied at 45% ---Clinton campaign getting nervous.

Looks like Rasmussen finally gave us a comparison between Fred Thompson and Hillary Clinton. And it shows them tied--45% each. This is an improvement from a month ago when Hillary was in front.

Recent storm clouds enveloping Hillary's campaign (illegal wire-tapping) along with stepped up organizing for Fred's have obviously had the desired effect. We should expect the Clinton camp to begin taking jabs at Thompson because of this---and they have. According to ALa there is a story pending in a liberal, left coast paper known as the Los Angeles Times claiming to have found links between Thompson and a pro-choice lobbying group. See details here. Apparently Fred had an office at a Washington D. C. law firm (as a draw for clients) in 1991 even though his own firm was located in Nashville, TN. Thompson was never a partner at Arent Fox (in D.C.), which was heavily Democrat with strong ties to the Clintons; but having him keep an office there was seen as an asset during a Republican administration.

Fred Thompson's own voting record on life issues can be found here and there.