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Monday, August 31, 2009

Girl Sits During Pledge, Another Girl Criticizes Her And Gets Suspended. Why?

Let me get this straight...  One girl decides to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance in school and another girl criticizes her for doing so.  The latter gets a 5 day suspension from school.

Is it the right of the sitting girl to sit during the Pledge?  Yes, though disrespectful, it is her right under the First Amendment.  Is it not also the right of the criticizing girl to criticize the sitting girl for doing so?  Sure!  For the same reason...unless the sitting girl is Muslim.  Welcome to the Obamanation.

While there was supposedly a reference made by the non-Muslim girl regarding the hajib worn by the Muslim girl in the verbal exchange, that should not take away the former's right to answer such a blatant display of disrespect shown by the Muslim girl, IMHO.  I see it as a wash, and no punishment should have been doled out.  It should have instead been a "teaching moment" to be taken advantage of.

Is this one of many reasons why home schooling is so popular these days???

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Marie said...

It's funny, I am conservative but I now have something of a problem with requiring the pledge in school. I suppose once it might have been appropriate, when we had our priorities straight and love of nation was one of our loves. Now, though, it seems there is something of a move to make nationalism a substitute for religion, so watching my kids say the pledge is odd.

In any case, you're right that young people should be able to talk about these things without getting suspended. If the talk was not well done, it's time for the teacher to teach them some manners.

Just found you through quick takes, great blog.

St. Blogustine said...

But I have to disagree with you on nationalism becoming the new religion. I think the Left could have argued that the right was doing just that in the 1950's through and into the 1990's, while it is apparent to me that the Left is making "Green" their new religion. And the Earth is their new God.

It is not too uncharacteristic of the narcissistic Left to both worship the Earth as their God AND assume that they need to protect their God from the destruction of Mankind via carbon dioxide accumulation.

Everyone praise the Earth and hold their breath!

Marie said...

Absolutely. I first ran into the idea that if you remove religion from the public square that conveniently opens up the spot for nationalism to become the new religion in writing from the 1920s. Certainly, we saw a century of that progression, and we have moved on from there to the kind of belief-system-as-religion that you see with the environmental movement and Marxism and etc.

I'm just suggesting that when we throw back for a way of teaching our kids, we need to make sure we're throwing back to the time when they worshiped God instead of the environment, not a time when they worshiped flags instead of the environment.

St. Blogustine said...

A good example of what you're describing would be Nazi Germany. And today, secular fundamentalism seems in itself a new religion with Green being its chief denomination. I don't see nationalism in America as being anywhere on the Left, only the right. And the Right seems NOT to have abandoned its faith in God.

I did not notice a cross or crucifix dangling from the neck of the suspended girl, but I think it might be too premature to assume (if you are assuming, that is) that this girl is substituting nationalism for Christianity.

Thanks for your comments.

Marie said...

Oh, no -- not assuming any such thing about her or the folks who attend her school.
I am politically conservative and find there are a number of secular conservative movements that resent or disassociate themselves from religious conservatives. They are often very big on patriotism, but I see a danger in patriotism when it stands alone without any outside moral system (your example being the obvious one). I don't think it's common, but I see enough of it that I'm a little uncomfortable watching my kids take the pledge -- that's all I meant.