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Monday, August 24, 2009

Good-bye Dell! Hello MacBook Pro!!!

Today I liberated myself from the awful drudgery of Windows and PC's...and best of all, DELL!  Not to say I threw my Dell computer in the trash after lovingly smashing it to bits.  No.  My warranty is still good on that no-good-heap-of-you-know-what until July of next year.  But today I borrowed a company car and drove to the Apple Store in Columbus, OH and bought myself a MacBook Pro.  Yes, I could have waited until Snow Leopard (new operating system) comes out on the 28th, but the upgrade is only $29 or so, and it is so hard to find the time to shop for Mac computers while I am out on the road working...  I did it and I'm glad.

Dell ran its course with me.  Been a customer since '99 and ran through three of them.  The first two were Cadillacs of their time, but by the third one it was clear that Dell was losing its position as the best of its breed.  The last three years as a Dell customer have been painful.  I wish them a full recovery...without me.

Soon I will be posting as usual... but first I must undergo a conversion process and leave the past behind.  I must convert to a new way of thinking and leave Windows in the dust.  I must think like a leopard...or better yet, a snow leopard.


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing more and more people choose Mac. Most of us over-40-types resist change until the status quo is intolerable. Congrats and good luck!

Richard said...

You will never regret leaving "the dark side," as those of us who are confirmed Mac devotees call it.

Windows is for people who want to screw around with their computers. Macs are for people who actually want to get work done.

cheap computers said...

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