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Friday, August 7, 2009

Elderly Are Not Happy With Obamacare Or AARP

The only thing missing from this townhall meeting is the group of SEIU union thugs sent by the President, or DNC, or perhaps Sebelius, or whomever to bash heads and shut those old people up permanently so they never get in the way of Obama (or Rahm Emanuel) again. I love the older Latina toward the end who stands against illegal immigration.

From Bookworm with regards to the above video:

[The playbook would be as follows:

How to run an AARP meeting, Leftie style:

1. Open a meeting with elderly people by talking in a swift, inaudible mumble? Check.

2. Assert a whole bunch of assumptions with which your audience instantly disagrees? Check.

3. Scold your audience for not getting with a program ostensibly for their benefit? Check.

4. Shut down the meeting because it turns out your constituents were supposed to listen to you, not vice versa? Check.]

(h/t: Brutally Honest, who is very much on top of these shenannigans)