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Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Pro-Life Advocate Bishop Martino Resigns

The Diocese of Scranton, PA, and for that matter the rest of the nation as well, has lost a truly great advocate to the pro-life cause.  Joseph F. Martino, the Ninth Bishop of Scranton, has resigned from his office, citing poor health due to increasingly heavy stress over conflicts within the diocese.

From the Bishop:

"For some time now, there has not been a clear consensus among the clergy and people ... on my pastoral initiatives or my way of governance," said Bishop Martino. In addition to causing him "great sorrow," said the bishop, the stress from the friction caused him to suffer from insomnia and "crippling physical fatigue." 

There are so few bishops these days who are willing to deny pro-abortion politicians Holy Communion who publicly champion such causes.  Bishop Martino has held firmly on this issue with several politicians, most recently Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) who supported the current President's trashing of the Mexico City policy.  For that and many other reasons Bishop Martino earned a position on my left column under the heading "Catholic Leaders I Admire Most."

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