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Friday, November 21, 2008

eHarmony Settlement Opens The Flood Gates For Trouble

By now you may have heard the flap over eHarmony's settlement in New Jersey with a disgruntled homosexual named Eric McKinley, who sued Neil Clark Warren, a Focus On The Family author, and his couples matching business. In spite of the fact that Warren's business broke no laws nor refused to do business with McKinley (eHarmony wasn't set up to match homosexual couples due to Warren's lack of knowledge about such relationships) eHarmony caved and settled the suit. The lawyer for the defense attributed the settlement to the fear of unpredictability of such lawsuits. Other reasons are most assuredly related to the anti-Prop-8 mob mentality spreading like wildfire in California and elsewhere. Michelle Malkin has many of the details and links to the rest.

That rumbling sound you hear are the flood gates preparing to burst forth and cause all manner of mayhem. First of all eHarmony is now the subject of a brand new class-action lawsuit certified by a California Superior Court judge, claiming that eHarmony discriminates against gays and lesbians in California, even though the new settlement between eHarmony and McKinley forces the couples matching company to create a new separate website devoted to matching gays and lesbians.

Apparently many militant gays will not be happy unless eHarmony goes out of business, or the gay-alternative-lifestyle-agenda gets imposed on every man, woman, and child in this country regardless of their sensibilities. And if they are not in the oppressed minority, then who cares, right? Don't expect militant heterosexual groups to successfully sue gay and lesbian matching sites for not catering to the needs of "straight" people. I also wouldn't hold my breath waiting for gays and lesbians to sue Muslim matching sites, either. These lawsuits are not about the lack of opportunities for gays and lesbians to hook up as there are several sites on the web catered to them alone. And what of this atheist dating site? Are they not denying me my freedom of religion?

The lawsuits are totally about forcing Christians to knuckle under to the pressure put forth by the gay and lesbian agenda to "water down" our faith until it is acceptable to them. It is an attack on Christianity that will never stop until The Holy Bible, itself, is either banned outright or rewritten to a degree that is palatable to their sensibilities. It would be a book that is not only tolerant of gays and lesbians, but one that would promote their lifestyle as that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. And that is unacceptable to us.

Now I am not writing this to bash gays and lesbians, nor do I even wish to deny them the opportunity to live in sin...if that is what they wish to do. God gives all of us free will, and gives us a choice to follow Him and obey His commandments or choose the other side. The choice is one that each of us must make freely without the sword, government edict, or judicial fiat. And those of us who choose Christ must not be coerced into sinning, either. And this is what they attempt to force upon Neil Clark Warren. Frankly, at this point it might be better for all if he closed up shop and pursued other endeavors, IMHO. What say you?


Janet said...

I think the guy was paying too much attention to the bottom line, and not enough to principles. While I sympathize, he comes off as rather weak willed.

Clara said...

When you examine the profile for the New Jersey's Attorney General Director for discrimination issues (Mr. Vespa-Papaleo), a lot gets explained about why Eric McKinley was even allowed to use the system to harrass eHarmony in such a grotesque way:

Mr. Vespa-Papaleo serves as Executive Director of the New Jersey Commission on Civil Rights. He is on the Executive Board of the GLBT Rights and Labor and Employment Law Sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association. In June 2007 he was elected Chairman of the New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission, following his work on amending state law to provide legal protections for sexual and gender minorities. Director Vespa-Papaleo is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association.

Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Director Vespa-Papaleo became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1988. A resident of Bergen County, New Jersey, Mr. Vespa-Papaleo and his husband were married in California in June 2008.

(more details about him on the Attorney General's web site)

Brad S said...

Neil Clark Warren made a grave error when he created eHarmony: He didn't EXPLICITY identify the site as a Christian dating site. He likely would NOT have been sued had he done so.

You see, the Right (in all its forms) intentionally confuses the difference between private places and public accomodation. They do this because too many "Right Intellectuals" don't want to be seen around those unwashed Christians, you know. So someone sets up something that appears as though it can be used by the general public. Homosexuals/Lesbians are as much a part of the general public as you and me. Thus the successful lawsuit settlement.

One of these days, the Intellectual Right is going to learn that they'd be MORE successful if they actually, you know, embraced Evangelicals.

Frank said...


Restaurants can be used by the general public, but if I were to open one and not specify the cuisine as American, some Chinese person, by your logic, could sue me for not being proficient at fixing their food.

eHarmony caters to more than simply Christians. But since Warren was not proficient in matching gays and lesbians he never tried. So should a store or other business be sued for not selling EVERYTHING?

I think the blog writer has it right. Gays are simply attacking anything Christian because by definition it excludes them. McKinley could have entered the site and sought a match with a female if he desired. No one excluded him. They simply didn't offer him a same sex match. And that is why Warren should have stuck it out and not settled.

Paul said...

Can't imagine what's next. How about requiring eHarmony to set up a system for matching copacetic men and farm animals? (Don't know how that sweet, sassy ewe could fill out an e-profile, but I'll bet her owner could do it for her.) Or linking like-minded "swingers," who have no interest in a lasting relationship, but crave more "hook-up" partners?

I think Frank (and Kevin) have it nailed!

Paul said...

Sorry. In my last post, I meant to say "Matt" instead of "Kevin." They're both so consistently spot-on, that it's easy to get them confused.

Clara said...

There is a good way for people like Brad S to see the light about how fascist this lawsuit actually is: every Attorney General in the country should be put to work tomorrow threatening to sue every single form of service or business that #1 calls itself anything "gay or lesbian", #2 with the aim of having these businesses forced to change their business model or else pay heavy fines. Take magazines that are "gay / lesbian" - sue them - they must change their name to include heterosexuals, and they must include content and pictures and services to heterosexuals. Otherwise, close them down. Hotels, stores, dating services, you name it, force them to serve heterosexuals equally.

It would be fun to see this happen - no discrimination means the law against discrimination applies EQUALLY to all businesses. It's not only heterosexual businesses that should be robbed of their money by activist homosexual Attorney Generals.

From which we conclude that a sane society is not the aim of pro-homosexuals...

Clara said...

p.s. and since it's equally forbidden to discriminate based on religion, every business or service that services gays or lesbians must be forced to equally service Christians, Jews, and Muslims according to each respective religion. For example, a magazine dedicated to homosexuals must include Christian thoughts about homosexuality as well. Otherwise, it's discrimination. That's the logic of this NJ harrassment lawsuit.

I also see a further problem with the argument that the original problem was that the site wasn't labeled as Christian - one can object to homosexual behavior without belonging to any religion. It's a matter of freedom of conscience and of thought, not necessarily tied to following a certain religion.

Anonymous said...

Man, all of you guys are spot-on...I was so disappointed to hear that Warren just rolled over and played dead in this blatant abuse of his rights...and to think that Focus and AFA basically turned his biz from a mom-n-pop to the bigtime, overnight...