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Friday, November 14, 2008

US Conference Of Bishops Cease Funding ACORN...Finally!

From The Boston Globe as reported on November 12:

[BALTIMORE - The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is permanently cutting off all funding for ACORN in the wake of an embezzlement scandal and allegations of voter registration fraud and political partisanship.

The national nonprofit, with more than 1,200 local affiliates, attempts to organize low-income people to advocate for improvement in their communities.

Bishop Roger P. Morin of New Orleans said yesterday that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an antipoverty program run by the bishops' conference, decided that it could no longer be certain of ACORN's integrity or accountability. The bishops had been giving $1.1 million a year to 41 ACORN affiliates.

"We simply had too many continuing questions and concerns about these serious matters to permit any further funding of ACORN groups," Morin said.

Steve Kest, the executive director of ACORN, said last night that he would wait until he hears from the bishops before making any comment.

Morin said the bishops are also conducting an audit to determine whether any of the Catholic funds were misused by ACORN. So far, he said, there is no evidence that Catholic funds were embezzled.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is financed largely through a collection in most dioceses the weekend before Thanksgiving. Morin said the funds will now be disbursed to other groups that use community organizing to combat poverty.


The italicised type was my own addition to draw attention to the $1.1 million the Bishops have been donating to elect Democrats hell-bent on providing abortion-on-demand for any and all females in "trouble." Actually I am sure the Bishops didn't have abortion in mind at all when making such an annual donation. It must have had more to do with empowering people living in economically poor conditions. Or so they assumed.

The Bishops are shutting the barn door after the horses ran out and stole an election. But I suppose it's better late than never. I just hope they do more research on whom they donate to in the future, rather than throw money at what looks good on the surface.

Read Bishop Roger Morin's full report HERE for more in depth information.