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Monday, November 3, 2008

Eight Reasons To Vote NObama

Sadly, I cannot take credit for either of these. I found the Obama one last month, but forgot who originally published it. The other is from Dr. Slogan.


Anonymous said...

Its the day before the election. The news today announcing the death of Obama's grandmother from cancer makes one question the existence of predestined fate. Will there be unintended consequences at the voting booth tomorrow? The Annointed One is already favored to win as a result of the 'Perfect Storm'. Will a few more sympathy votes help to ensure this? I mean, what are the chances that this community organizer with his friends, his baggage, and his voting record would be favored to be our next POTUS and leader of the free world? Didn't this all start with Rudy and Fred asleep while others acted like there was a campaign going on? And lets not forget Hillary (as in ABC or Anyone But Clinton) who was blindsided by The Next Generation. Combined with an uneducated, uninformed public playing American Idol and fascinated with shiny objects (promises), W, the GOP,...reporters with tingley legs, and conservatives who can't have it all so they'll keep their vote and stay at home. It doesn't matter that Iran will give nukes to Hamas and that there have been no successful terrorist attacks here since 911 and what kind of monster would vote (4 times) to kill a baby that survived an abortion???!!!
Gotta be fate. [I don't expect you to publish this, just needed to rant. Feel free to edit or delete as you see fit.]

Matt said...

Sympathy votes could indeed be in store for That One. When Charles Percy ran for senate in the late 1960s in Illinois, his daughter was mysteriously murdered. Percy won in a landslide. When he was trailing in the polls in 1984, he fainted at a campaign stop in the last few days before the election, earning sympathy from voters. He won the election, but just barely.

Do not expect the misinformed majority to make a rational decision this time. The press has lead the public by the hand to Obama-land. Heck, most of these voters think the Republicans are still in charge of Congress.

As for editing comments,... I do not edit. I either post or not post. And since you didn't use profane language or shamelessly spam a line of software products or cruise ship tickets, I decided to post it.