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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Humanist Group Tries To Rain On Christmas

A humanist group, who does not revel in the Christmas spirit due to their inability to relate to Christianity or any God in general, has chosen this Christmas to post ads on buses in Washington D. C. with the following slogan: Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake.

The American Humanist Association spent $40,000 on this holiday ad campaign to reach out to those "agnostics, atheists, and other types of nontheists" who feel isolated and alone during the Christmas season. The organization's website is posted on the ad so that the God-haters can congregate together online and discuss their revulsion toward the rest of us having a great time.

This is not how other non-christian groups act. I became aware while living in Chicago that many Jewish people felt left out at Christmas, but the Jewish people didn't try to rain on our parade with provocative ads. They simply came up with the annual Oy Vey party and the Matzo Ball, a Jewish singles party held on Christmas. Fair enough.

So instead of trashing Christmas and attacking Christian faith, why can't these party-poop humanists create their own celebration? Perhaps their beliefs, or lack thereof, constantly remind them of their ever-looming mortality which dampens their spirits. After all, how festive can one feel when one believes he is on this earth for no reason or purpose, and that he is some sort of accidental combination of cells that will die off and rot someday? Some people are not happy unless they share their misery with others.

(h/t: CNN and Wild Thing)


libhom said...

You should calm down. Christmas is a pagan holiday, based on the Saturnalia, a Roman orgy of food, wine, and sex. There is nothing Christian about Christmas.

Matt said...

I clicked on your name and read your profile, and think YOU are the one who needs to calm down.

Christmas or any other holiday can be a pagan holiday if you choose to celebrate it that way. I choose to attend church services and celebrate the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus.

You obviously do whatever it is that "Butt Pirates" (as your call yourselves) do on that day, which is probably something self-loathing and/or pagan.

Thanks for stopping by, and do drop in again.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that those of us in Northern Europe have been celebrating a mid winter festival long before Christ was born.

Christmas has little or nothing to do with any particular religion it's a secular holiday for everyone. It's about family and togetherness, and it's big enough for all of us.

Also Atheists, Humanists etc. don't hate Yahweh (or Apollo or Thor or Asherah or any of the thousands of other gods humans have invented) we just don't think he exists :-)

Maybe this year we can have a little less fear & anger and a little more love & understanding.

Merry Christmas.

Matt said...

Perhaps the militant atheists on your website SHOULD indulge a little less in fear and anger and more in understanding. Then they might be a little less militant. But without a God to help them they will have to do it on their own. Good luck with that.