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Monday, November 26, 2007

Growing Nightmare At The Border

Today Sara Carter of the Washington Times dropped a bombshell in our collective laps that should have each of us cringing with fear of possibilities and angrily demanding answers from our elected officials, both locally and in Washington--not limited to the President himself.

It would appear that this last May, while many of us were pleading with our congressional leaders not to pass the Amnesty Bill, Islamist terrorists were being escorted across our southern border by illegal drug cartels for the purpose of attacking Fort Huachuca, a military base in Arizona. This facility, represented by all four military branches, is the nation's largest military intelligence training center with 12,000 workers, some of whom have families living on base.

Laura Ingraham asked a very good question on her show today (paraphrasing): Why was this information kept from us during the debate on the Immigration Bill? Perhaps the answer to that question could be found on the list of members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The fact that it's chaired by John D. Rockefeller is bad enough; but the list of members doesn't instill much confidence in the direction we're taking to secure this nation.

But while the worst elements of this world sneak across our borders with evil intent, trying to cloak themselves among poor Mexicans looking for a better life, President Bush and other supporters of Amnesty drag their feet on fence construction and fiddle like Nero while Rome burns. Are our leaders simply afraid of offending the Mexican government? Is President Bush of the mindset of those who think a border fence will push Mexico into the lap of the terrorists? It would appear that the Mexican government is having less and less of a say about the disposition of its borders, yielding power voluntarily or involuntarily to some very powerful drug cartels that are nations unto themselves. Will we declare war against them? Or will we actually attempt to negotiate a separate (covert?) peace, thereby legitimizing them and establishing them forever as a force to be reckoned with (like the P.L.O.)? Just thinking out loud here.


Jack H. said...

This raises another issue, too. If the Chinese government can influence our politicians with huge campaign donations, then why can't some of those ultra-wealthy druglords? The mafia used to have senators and congressmen in their pockets, so what's stopping drug cartels? Answer: nothing!

Foxy Wizard said...

I agree with jack. I once spent 2 hours chatting with a Mexican Federal police officer.

The cartel's power is decisive. He related one incident where he and six other officers were stopping people for a road check. A lieutenant for one of the cartels came by and said: "We're coming through with a drug shipment. We have 125 armed men. You boys either go into town and have a cup of coffee or we'll kill you..."

The Mexican government has corruption at it's highest levels. Witness two presidents ago, I think it was Salinas de Gortari, who absconded with 80 billion dollars of treasury money, while his brother was tried fr drug trafficking and murder.

The people who run the big cartels are well known in Mexico. They are worth tens and hundreds of billions of dollars. He left me with this question: "We know who our dealers are. Who are their counterparts on your side of the border?"

When we find that out, we will know who is keeping the borders open and who is on their payroll.

Matt K Cassens said...

what you are implying...I don't even want to say.

Thanks for your input. Watch your back.