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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Colorado Supreme Court Plants A Seed

In 1967 the state of Colorado became the first state to ease abortion restrictions, starting a domino effect across the country. But Tuesday the Colorado Supreme Court may have paved the way for all that to change, hopefully, by allowing the pro-life group, Colorado For Equal Rights, to circulate a petition for a ballot measure to give inalienable rights, justice, and due process to the unborn starting at conception. The ballot measure would, in effect, define a fertilized egg as a human being.

Although this notion of humans producing other humans through the fertilization process is obvious to many of us, the so-called pro-choicers still feel that a fertilized egg is human only if the mother wants to see the pregnancy through. This latter notion seems consistent with the mind-set of most children, some angry teenagers, and a few old, fat US Senators.

Seventy-six thousand signatures must be collected in Colorado within the next six months in order for this measure to be on the November '08 ballot. Makes me wish I lived there, just for a moment to sign and vote anyway. Read the whole story here.


Peter said...

Now that's democracy - well maybe a bit closer than other versions.

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