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Saturday, December 1, 2007

N.O.W. Hangs Out The "Gone Shopping" Sign On Key Issues

There have been two recent headlines in the news lately that have grabbed my attention. One is about a 19 year old rape victim in Saudi Arabia having to undergo 200 lashes and six months in jail for being alone in a car with her boyfriend (also raped); and another is about the British teacher in Sudan serving a 15 day sentence for allowing her students to name a teddy bear after the prophet, Mohammed. Yesterday thousands marched in the streets of Sudan wielding knives and demanding her execution. The United States Government has voiced its displeasure about the former, while the UK has gotten involved in the latter. What I find truly amazing is that the National Organization for Women (NOW) has said virtually nothing about either news item.

Their silence is deafening. Though I may have heard something on the radio about NOW announcing they were not taking a position one way or the other on both news items, in checking their website I found no mention at all about either. I expected to find both listed under hot topics, but only found links to something called "love your body," sexual harassment, and National Caregivers Month among others.

Upon searching much deeper I finally came upon a link to a campaign against violence against Juarez, Mexico. That seems to be about as international as these timid feminists care to get. They'll whine and complain about "lite" issues at home while ignoring helpless cries from oppressed women and girls around the world. And although if you dig really really deep into their site you can find a denunciation of honor killings (no specific cases or culprits mentioned here, just an agreement that they're bad), NOW still seems much more concerned with lesbian rights, promoting diversity, and recommending "easy holiday shopping."

Why isn't NOW dealing with Islamic subjugation of women? Don't they realize that if the Islamofascists have their way that all those NOW gals will be wearing burkas and having their butts tanned and blistered for violation of the merest infractions? Could it be that allying themselves with Republicans in the war on terror is more distasteful for NOW than the prospect of losing that war? Are they so lacking in foresight? Are they as delusional as Rosie O'Donnell in thinking that mainstream American Christians are as big a threat as Islamofascists? Sure looks that way.


Patty said...

Nice headline!

NOW is a complete joke.

With 200 stripes on their backs from 200 lashes, the NAGS might find it even more difficult to love (their) bodies.

Paul G said...

Spot on, Matt! Since it would be indirectly supportive of Bush and (the inaptly named) War on Terror to speak out against Islamic subjugation of women (who still cannot drive a car in Saudi Arabia, and whose testimony in a Sharia court is worth only a fraction of that of a man, and can be beaten by their husbands, if only with a stick of limited size, and only where the scars won't show, etc., etc.), NOW remains predictably silent on this issue.

I suppose NOW might argue that it's only concerned with American women's rights, but if so, it has its head in the sand about the threat that Islamicists pose to women's right all over the world, including right here.

Alan H. said...

Self-indulgent, myopic, liberal ding-bats. They do not represent the majority of women in this country.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Pressed for comment, a NOW spokewoman interrupted, "Excuse me... Hel-LO! What does this woman's issues have to do with the right to choose abortion?!"