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Friday, November 2, 2007

Catching Up On The Latest Buzz

Frankly I had no idea that Mike Huckabee had raised taxes so much as Governor of Arkansas, or that he was a currently a Senator (oops, Chris Wallace slip of the tongue). But the Club For Growth certainly knew it and wanted the rest of us to know it as well (the former, not the latter). Looks like they view Huckabee on fiscal issues the same way social conservatives (like me) view Giuliani on abortion and sanctuary cities.

Some have criticized Republicans for going after each other like this. But my own belief is that it's better to know things like this now rather than later when it's too late to change horses. Not sure how the Democrats will fare here with this in mind, as most of their candidates, until recently, have been very gentle with one another. Seems like Hillary Clinton has the nod (even with recent stumbling in mind) and the rest are running to be her Vice President. Seems also that the Democrat debate moderators are all running for Press Secretary, except for Meet The Press guru, Tim Russert, who probably has a contract out on him now for "attacking" the New York Senator by daring to ask her a "hard-ball" question.

Seriously it would appear at times that there might be some kind of...dare I say?...liberal bias in the media. But then what the heck does Harvard University know anyway? See their latest study here in IBD. But is liberal bias in all media? No. Not Fox News. Though it is simply my own impression, and the impression of several others like this, this, and this, that Fox News seems at times to have a Rudy Giuliani bias,...or at least some sort of anti-Fred Thompson attitude. But the latter may simply be because Fred poses a threat to Rudy's candidacy.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill,.....nothing happened. And isn't it kind of funny how the Main Stream Media is rather quiet about this. Last year the Republican-led Congress was referred to as the most do-nothing Congress since 1948. And yet this Democrat-led Congress has done even less.

I'd like to direct your attention here to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's blog page and an entry from April 23rd of (2006?) when the Republicans led both Houses and Senator Reid was Minority Leader. In it he criticizes the Republican Majority Leader for ignoring vital issues in favor of "pet issues of the right wing" and other partisan matters. Sounds like the shoe is on the other foot these days. Senator Reid repeatedly claims that Democrats are interested in working with Republicans in a bipartisan manner to tackle the "real, urgent issues facing our country." I had to laugh when I read that, considering the recent move by Democrats to declare Turkey guilty of genocide in its WWI killing of thousands of Armenians from 1915 to 1917, at such a politically and militarily sensitive time when Kurdish terrorists were attacking Turkish civilians and possibly sparking a war with Iraq. President Bush attacked Congress recently for this and their laziness.