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Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Disturbing Trends In The UK

It will soon get to the point where we cannot relate to the United Kingdom anymore, as their values stray from our own. Here are a couple of examples here and here, in addition to the story listed in the October 25th posting below:

First, do-it-yourself at home abortions are being proposed by the Commons Science and Technology Committee (not to be confused with any “common sense” committee, which the UK has by now all but outlawed) to be added to the Human Tissues and Embryos Bill, which is expected to be introduced in the Queen’s speech next week. A couple of Tory MP’s, Nadine Dorries and Dr. Bob Spink, along with Labour MP Jim Dobbin represent the sane view that this proposal will encourage termination as a form of contraception by making it so much easier to carry out.

But in spite of the CSTC chairman’s admission that the current yearly figure of 200,000 abortions is “monstrous,” and also in spite of compelling scientific research showing fetuses “walking in the womb at 12 weeks,” or even that babies are now surviving earlier than the 24 week limit, the committee sees no reason to pull back from the 24 weeks rule or discourage abortion in any way.

Secondly, Labour’s favorite think tank, the Institute For Public Policy Research, has declared that Christmas should be downplayed for the sake of multiculturalism, as Great Britain is no longer a Christian nation. In addition they propose several other crazy notions…like birth ceremonies in which the state and parents agree to “work in partnership” to bring up children (who says communism is dead?), banning religious private schools, throwing bishops out of the House of Lords, flying flags other than the Union Jack, etc…

It appears that this think tank wants to destroy Britain’s national identity and eliminate its borders, allowing other cultures to enter the country and keep their own identity without assimilating. Hmmm that does sound familiar, doesn’t it? What happens over there can also happen here, if we are not careful. One problem with Britain is that it doesn’t currently have an opposing conservative voice on the air or in print. There is no Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. There is no Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, or Michelle Malkin. There is only the liberal BBC and several liberal newspapers. Perhaps Mark Steyn could broadcast a show and have it beamed over there ala Radio Free Europe simply to provide a little balance.
Hat tip: Culture Wire