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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The World Is Changing...

I put off posting this for a month because it is just so depressing. This video is sort of like reading Mark Steyn's America Alone, only without the humor. And even with the humor, I found his book hard to pick up and read simply for all the bad news delivered.

The video seen above delivers several points rather bluntly, the one most notable being that if we sit on our hands and do nothing, the Muslims win. Europe and possibly Canada become theirs within a decade or two, followed by several others, most likely Russia. And since Western society has decided to stop breeding, decided to stop creating 2 parent families, and allowing abortion on demand, the Christian populations will diminish while the Muslim ones who are now filling the void, will become the dominant force in the world. And since the dominant force in the Muslim camp is fanatically violent and repressive, so will the world.

An interesting statistic for the US is that the influx of immigrants from Latin America are actually making our culture sustainable. Without them we would be shrinking like Europe. Opening our borders to anyone without documentation, however, would be suicidal. But increasing legal immigration, even in this recession, may prove to be what saves us in the end. Too late for Europe; so if you want to see that continent in all its splendor you had better hurry.

Another antidote is evangelicalism. But even this is like fighting the tide when the Main Stream Media continues to draw moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. Nor does it help when they attack Jews in their own passive-aggressive manner by criticizing Israel for defending itself from rocket attacks. Yes, in their own stupidity the liberal MSM may wind up trading Christianity, which they consider to be narrow-minded and oppressive, for fanatical Islam with its enslavement of women, violent hatred for homosexuals, hatred for all freedom and liberty, and its penchant for female-genital-mutilation. What a country this could wind up being. No wonder people aren't breeding as much these days.

Please, don't get me started on this...


Amy said...

Have you double checked the facts in this video? Stating that the EU has 31 members when it indeed only has 27 makes me wary of any information provided throughout.

Matt said...

That's a good question, Amy. I really don't know why they said 31 states anymore than I know why Obama said he visited 57 states in the US during the campaign.

All I can do is speculate. There are two countries being considered for membership and are expected to be added in 2013. That would put the total at 29, but still falls short. There are a total of 47 countries in Europe right now that I'm aware of, so I really don't know why 31 were mentioned. I DO KNOW that Mark Steyn backs up the other figures in his book, America Alone, and that the rate the Muslims are taking over Europe has increased.

As for Obama, one can speculate that he crossed state lines a total of 57 times, OR that he's really dumb enough to think there are actually 57 states in the US. Based upon his recent comments made in Poland in which he called a death camp a "Polish death camp," I'd tend to side with the latter.