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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Payback Time!

Yes, it is so very TIME to pay back those who have been so kind to link to me over the past several months, both those whose links to me have sent many readers my way, as well as those who simply admired my postings and wished to draw more attention to them. For all of it I am grateful.

To R. S. McCain who has built up his blog, The Other McCain, to over a million hits per year, I salute you. You literally wrote the rules on how this is done. Congrats to you and your blog! See his Lou Dobbs video HERE. And...see his new blog chastising RINO's HERE.

To Donald Douglas at American Power, your in depth analysis has encouraged me (when I have time) to investigate stories to their absolute, full extent and bring something new and exciting to the blogosphere (again,...when I have the time). There is a really good one of his HERE.

To Carol at No Sheeples Here, I think your Serta sheep are cool, and your posts cooler. Keep up the good work and watch your readership GROW! HERE is a recent post on the Pelosi flap.

To Ala at Blonde Sagacity, even if you weren't a wonderfully busty blonde I would still read your blog daily for the humor, insight, and unusually great pictures you find. Where do you get them???? See an example of her breathtaking acumen, HERE.

To Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs, even though you never link to my posts...I get several hits per day just from people finding me on your blogroll. For that I thank you. You keep a close eye on evil in the world, like in this post HERE.

To Leslie at Alice The Camel, you have proven the value of even-toed ungulates beyond anything I would have imagined possible. Thank you so much for your wit and wisdom.

There are so many others to link to, like THIS ONE, THAT ONE, THAT OTHER ONE, and even THIS GUY who never links to me but whom I sort of knew in college through my roommate, and who writes really well researched material and gets paid for it.

Did I forget anyone? Yeah, probably...


No Sheeples Here! said...


Thank you so much for the "linky-love". You have a great blog. Keep up the good work.

Take care out there.

Leslie said...

Hey Matt,
I've been a really slack with my blogging the last couple of weeks so I'm a little slow to find this, but thank you! I often find helpful and interesting things here so thanks for all the work you put into St Blogustine.

Best wishes.