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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Russia's Moral Decay Evident In "Killing Girls"

I don't know how long this video will remain on You Tube for all to see, but I certainly hope all can see it. It's a trailer for a new documentary film called Killing Girls that took 7 years to make; and although it is not deemed to be entertaining, it is said to be both thought provoking and contributive in the battle against abortion-on-demand.

The film follows three teenage girls in Russia from the time they enter the abortion clinic until after they leave, delving into their circumstances for being pregnant, their reasons for having late-term, labor induced abortions, and the state of moral decay in today's Russia that would result in such an alarming trend (80% of today's Russian women have between 2 and 10 abortions in their lifetimes).

The director, David Kinsella, argues that this film is neither pro-life nor pro-choice, and that this made it nearly impossible to get funding to complete it.

From the director:

"Killing Girls is by far my most difficult and important film I believe I will ever make because it is so controversial. It is not just a story about abortion; it is about teenagers who abort up to and over 7 months of pregnancy.

Killing Girls has also been my most difficult film to produce, mainly because it was next to impossible to find finance. Abortion is a topic that I feel is a “taboo” subject, a subject that we should not talk about. Everybody was telling me that I could not show this or that! NO; NO; NO! I was being suffocated by all the negative criticism towards our film. So I decided to make a film straight from my heart and soul and forget all the negative reactions.

I grew up with the troubles in my home country of Northern Ireland, so when I moved to Norway, I decided to find a positive meaning to life, even in the most tragic story. At times I felt totally helpless during the filming, the screaming from the hospital are tattooed on my soul, the sound of a baby crying during the abortion. I was totally shocked."

In spite of the "NO;NO;NO;" Kinsella refused to show any of the footage of babies during or after their labor-induced abortions, simply figuring that too many people would tune out at that point. While this may be true, leaving out babies in an abortion documentary, in my humble opinion, is like not showing the planes striking the World Trade Center or bodies falling to the ground in a documentary about 9-11. It must be shown in order for the viewer to truly appreciate the weight of what is occurring.

Kinsella, in his attempt to be evenhanded, blames the heavy trend toward abortion in Russia on a lack of sex education in Russian schools, while failing to mention that for decades God was not only disallowed in schools but in the USSR as a whole. You cannot simply re-introduce God to the "Perestroika" generation, all of the sudden, and expect everyone to automatically develop a healthy sense of sexual morality with abstinence until marriage. And this is why the abortion statistics are so alarmingly high, and why the mortality rate is twice that of the birth rate in Russia.

In the age of Obama where churches become undermined by government meddling, the future of God's presence in the consciences of young people could be in jeopardy. Could present-day Russia with few mores and abortion as a contraceptive be in our future? Or are we nearly there now?

(Big hat-tip to Jill Stanek)

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Donald Douglas said...

American Power has tracked-back with, "Russia's Legalized Murder"

Lisa Graas said...

How upsetting. I can't even watch the first three minutes. I got to about 2:42 and couldn't take anymore. May God have mercy on us all. Lord, have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Most of us don't have the stomach to watch real human misery, and the ugly side of humanity. Outside of voting with my ballot and dollars, my watching this video does nothing to help the victims of this. I appreciate your efforts to shine a light on these activities, though. It isn't popular but is certainly necessary. Hopefully, more people like you with the time and energy will be prompted to fight the good fight.