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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planned Parenthood Still Breaking The Law....Hello???

Here is Video #4 (updated, as the older one was removed by You Tube for TOS violations ---some people cannot handle the truth)in the latest sting operation by Lila Rose and Jackie Stollar, the brave souls of The Mona Lisa Project and Live Action Films who work undercover to expose Planned Parenthood's illegal activities. That is, Planned Parenthood employees tend to protect statutory rapists from prosecution by encouraging young girls (say, age 13 or so) to keep mum about their 30 year old boyfriend's name and age, and to quickly destroy the evidence (kill baby in womb).

For those who don't yet know, Lila and Jackie enter Planned Parenthood abattoirs pretending to be around 13-15 years of age and interested in having an abortion. Then one of them lets slip that the pregnant girls boyfriend is much older. This is the 4th video showing clinics where the girls were encouraged to hush the whole thing up, thereby protecting the statutory rapist who impregnated her.

You can read older posts of mine about the other three episodes HERE, HERE, and HERE. The first two stings resulted in one resignation, one firing and an attorney general investigation in Indiana, while the third one in Tuscon has produced no action as of yet.

Watch the videos...and then wonder why there is such a double standard. If Congress wasn't run by pro-abortion Democrats there would be a huge outcry and calls for nationwide investigations of Planned Parenthood. But nothing from this Congress or our President--->you know, the one who favors both partial birth abortion as well as allowing babies who survive saline abortions to die on a table from neglect (or worse). OBAMA VOTED FOR IT!

hat tips: Jill and Lisa)


Benjamin said...

What frustrates me is how Planned Parenthood employees minimize discussion of the unborn fetus.

Sadly, the young women are informed that this a slight surgical procedure.

Both the woman and the abortionist need to use this verbage to suppress the reality of the situation: a life is about to be destroyed.