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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lou Dobbs: UN Threatening Free Speech In US

I do not make a habit of watching CNN (Crescent News Network...okay, maybe after this I'll revert back to calling them the Communist News Network) and therefore missed this wonderful, 10 minute gem of a news item by Lou Dobbs. But Pamela Geller caught it and posted it promptly. It is a wake-up call to those who have yet to see how imminent the threat is from radical Islam, and also from moderate Muslims who remain silent due to either fear (true in most cases) or a secret admiration for those willing to slice off heads, burn people alive, and blow themselves up for Allah.

At first glance the laws the UN is threatening to impose seem to be about protecting all religions from public (verbal or written) attack. But CNN, whose true motivation might be to continue bashing Christians, reports that the rules are being proposed to give more strength to Muslims to set up their own Sharia courts in democratic countries, giving Muslims essentially a license to kill. Yes, oftentimes Sharia courts will approve honor killings for women who cheat on their husbands or who fornicate before marriage. But sometimes women are simply beaten in public for being seen walking with a man they are not married to. There have even been examples of female victims of gang rape who have been sentenced to public lashings for their "crimes" (being with the males in the first place is a crime, I guess). Sharia courts are currently found in a few European countries, like the UK where they are legally binding, and get away with whatever they can.

The interview with atheist, Christopher Hitchens, shows him making the usual unfortunate digs at the Pope and Christianity, but he also makes some very good points about the larger issue of free speech, and is therefore worth watching. In the meantime we will continue praying for Hitchens to have his Jesus moment, but never for him or anyone else to be lead to God by the sword.

The best moment in this piece just before the interview with Hitchens when Lou Dobbs suggests bulldozing the UN Building. I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

I dunno. I was with them for the most part until they started bashing the Mohammad cartoon, saying it was stupid and offensive and most of all, not funny. The truth is it WAS funny and so very true. It indicted Islam for the violent and crazy religion it truly is. Why do these two have to act so cowardly? Are they any better than the moderate Muslims you mentioned who refuse to speak out against the crazies?