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Monday, March 30, 2009

Abortion Ads On TV?!? Could Happen Soon In UK

This news item from speaks for itself:

By Hilary White

LANCASTER, UK, March 27, 2009 ( - A proposal by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to allow abortionists to advertise on television comes straight "from the heart of the abortion industry," the Catholic bishop of Lancaster has said.

In a statement issued March 26, Bishop Patrick O'Donohue called the proposed changes "deeply damaging" and warned that they would "result in the deaths of many more preborn children and cause untold harm to women" and threaten "yet another hammer-blow to the sanctity of human life in this country."

The proposal comes as statistics continue to show rises in Britain's teenage pregnancy and abortion rates.

Pro-life advocates have warned also that a requirement in the proposal that pro-life pregnancy counselling services must "make clear if they do not refer women for abortion" is a form of pro-abortion discrimination on the part of the ASA.

Bishop O'Donohue wrote, "As a society, we need to wake up and stop treating abortion as a quick-fix solution to pregnancy and offer compassionate and practical support to women facing crisis pregnancies."

He recommends that those interested in helping women in crisis pregnancies donate their time or money to pro-life groups like the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative in Scotland.

"The killing of the innocent can never be a genuine solution to a problem," the bishop wrote. He called on "all those who care about the sanctity of human life to voice their opposition to this proposal with one voice".

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To donate to the Good Counsel Network, a pro-life crisis pregnancy service:
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To contact the Advertising Standards Authority:
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ASA website complaints form:

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After reading this, I have to wonder aloud how soon this will happen in the US under Obama. He is after all sympathetic to the abortion mill crowd. And if recent history has proven anything, it has shown that the American public can get used to just about any obscene notion if it's brought on gradually (like a frog on a hotplate). Whether it's the sex industry or abortuaries, they whittle away at our sensibilities until someone shrieks. Then they stop...for a short while. Then they whittle away again...

Remember when there were no condom ads on TV? Before the first one appeared, very few would have thought it possible to get away with such a thing. Remember the days before topless bars and adult entertainment massage parlors advertised on every other billboard on our nation's interstate highways? Now several states allow them. Abortion commercials are merely the next step in the pornification of the UK; and you know that the UK is a testing ground for the US.


Paul said...

How sad (and ominous). A British government leader (Labour Party) recently stated that one cause of the UK's fiscal and economic problems was too many people! (Echoing perhaps, a similar earlier comment by the plaster-faced Nancy Pelosi about the economic "benefits" to the US of a reduced birth rate here.)

At the (unspoken) heart of their argument is the Margaret Sanger-like assumption that a disparate number of newborns will ultimately require tax-supported welfare, thereby draining the economy. (Except Sanger was explicitly racial in her urgings to curb the reproductive habits of a particular group.)

As for media ads for condoms (not to mention birth control pills, Viagra, Cyalis, etc,) this seasoned citizen is grateful for the invention of the remote control channel changer.