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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yet Another Horrific Sarah Palin Scandal!

It has just been reported that many many years ago (it isn't known exactly how many, but it's never too many when Republicans are involved) before Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin married her husband Todd, that he recorded on his VCR a baseball game between the Giants and Dodgers. He did this wantonly, without the expressed written permission of Major League Baseball or its affiliates. Todd Palin could not be reached for comment (we lost his cell number).

It should be noted that it's not quite against the law to record baseball games on one's own VCR for private viewing, but we here at St. Blogustine (me, myself, and I...and sometimes my cat) are disturbed by the appearance of impropriety suggested by this reckless, youthful indiscretion.

An unknown source reported the following unsubstantiated reactions:

Senator Charles Schumer-- "He should have faxed the request! I would have...hell, anyone would have!"

Senator Barack Obama-- "That is not the Todd Palin I...guess I...uh... never really knew anyway...I guess."

Senator Hillary Clinton-- "Well,...I dunno...I've always been a Yankees fan."

Okay okay, this is all a load of dreck! But I hope the point isn't lost on anyone. A lot of mud is being slung at the Palin family, not just the candidate. From a 22-year-old DUI from the husband (who must have gotten it about the same time Obama was snorting cocaine) to Trooper-gate, in which Governor Palin fired the man who was supposed to fire (and didn't) her state trooper ex-brother-in-law who tasered his 10 year old step son.

The liberal leftist media are betting that their readers are not reading beyond the headlines, like the provocative one found on the cover of a recent 'US' Magazine issue--Babies, Lies, And Scandal. While the headline implies that Palin lied, the actual article makes it fairly clear it was others who lied about Palin. Ten thousand subscribers and counting have cancelled subscriptions to that magazine because of this. It's called a backlash...and the leftist media better get used to it. In fact it may be the tipping point that loses the election for Obama.

For a real Palin scandal, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, very funny. Obama's gonna win. Watch and learn!

Tweezer said...

You think yer sumthin! GoBama!