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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama Fumbled Name On Bracelet

Barack Hussein Obama, who claims to love our troops, couldn't remember the name on the bracelet he wore in the debate without looking down at his wrist. The fact that McCain knew readily the name on his own wrist, that the mother of the soldier personally gave him, sheds light on the priorities of both men. One is sincere about his devotion to our military, while the other is merely posing.

Newsbusters has a story the rest of the media is ignoring. Apparently the family of the soldier whose name Obama dons on his wrist bracelet has repeatedly asked Obama to remove it. Obama continues to show the family disrespect by ignoring their requests.

It's only about winning, in Obama's view.

(h/t to Paul and Kevin)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem that long ago that BO publicly defended his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin. Now, in his apparent rush to appear more "centrist," he's wearing it again and even sporting a KIA bracelet (against the wishes of the hero's parents, one of whom is an Obama supporter.)

If he's got to read the name off the bracelet to remember whom he's "honoring," I wonder if he has to check his lapel pin to see what country he's running to be CIC of!