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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama Even More Dependent Upon Teleprompter

It was reported by CNN (Crescent News Network) that Obama has started taking his teleprompter virtually everywhere now, including campaign rallies and townhall events.

This news brings to mind three questions:

1) Is Obama's mind becoming old and feeble prematurely due to his downswing in the polls?

2) Just who is writing the words that show up on that teleprompter?

3) And why can't the person/people who write for him be more consistent on Obama's positions?

Just curious here. Maybe Michelle could take the teleprompter out of his embrace while he sleeps and replace it with a teddy bear or something.


Anonymous said...

id rather you didn't link my blog to your site.

St. Blogustine said...


I had given you credit for the artwork, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is fine by me. The link has been removed.

John 3:20-21