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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bias To The Left Of Me,... Character To The Right

The leftist rumor-mongers have proven once again that those who have no set code to live by (Holy Bible or other) will stop at nothing to get their way. Behavior that even the Left decries as immoral suddenly becomes okay when viewed through their murky cloud of moral relativism. News agencies which are supposed to be above reporting unsubstantiated and subjective tripe, reporters who are openly in the tank for Barack Hussein Obama, and columnists who have more than a decade each of experience writing about the real world have put their own self respect and credibility on hold in playing up false reports that Trig was actually Bristol's daughter. This resulted in Governor Palin releasing a statement saying that her daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant and plans to marry the father of her soon-to-be-born baby. What a shame they couldn't show the Palins the same restraint they showed John Edwards by not jumping to conclusions or disrespecting privacy. And none of the Palins cheated on anybody!

It is assumed the reason for playing up the story is to pour cold water on the excitement felt by conservative Christians for Governor Palin being named as McCain's running mate. But nothing could be further from the truth!

All of us out here in fly-over-country have become all too familiar with teenagers getting pregnant out of wedlock. We know well of the temptations of young people today as we listen to the music, see the TV shows, notice the billboards along the interstate highways, and eye the magazine covers, all of which seem geared toward sexual stimulation. Many of us remember that in our past there might have been a time or two when we proceeded with sex with our fingers crossed rather than stop in mid-passion, get dressed and drive down to the drugstore. Or lest we forget the time the condom broke and we wondered what we did wrong as we prayed to God for no pregnancy. Most of us were lucky in that regard. A few of us were not. And while we may never know the details of what happened, it is safe to say that Bristol and her boyfriend are two kids today who were not so lucky.

Christian conservatives know the real world and know that we live in a fallen world. But we also know that God's Grace will win the day. We also see that Gov. Palin has taught her daughter the right values, because Bristol will have the baby (not abort it) and marry the father (her boyfriend). And even though Bristol has made the mistake of sex before marriage, she did show at least some discernment in dating this particular boy since he is one who did not turn tail and flee once he found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately today many young men are not taught to own up to their own responsibilities, but this one promises to marry Bristol.

So,...the Left drawing so much attention to this situation only makes the Palins that much more endearing to us as we see they are indeed genuine and walk the walk. And so long as the Left continues to believe their own propaganda about us they will continue to misjudge us and underestimate our resolve.

Photo borrowed from Fox News.


Jonathan Bert said...

Being a moderate, that does put me to the left of you, but in the center with some grip of reality. Bias in the news media is disgusting, and bashing a 17 year old girl is shameful. But the right has no claim to perfection in this matter with talk radio being the usual vehicle of right wong hatred. And the left may be deluded, but not all lack character. The religious right is loaded with crooks and perverts, so any claim of the right having a monopoly on charachter is exceptionally naive.

Keep on blogging.

Paul said...

Outstanding analysis, Matt (as usual). The venom, bitterness and hypocricy of the left-wing MSM and bloggers has really been highlighted in the last week, and I hope it's not lost on the average American voter.

A good-hearted, Christian parent would react to this tragic situation in exactly the same loving, charitable and constructive way as Gov. Palin.


St. Blogustine said...

Believe it or not Jonathan, the answer to problems today is not always in the middle. The Left is much more extreme than at any time in history. One merely has to re-read speeches or interviews by Hubert Humphrey or JFK to see that they sound much like todays moderate Republicans, while todays conservatives sound just like Reagan and Goldwater.

As for character, one big difference between the Left and Right is that when crooks and perverts are found on the Left, excuses are made for them and accusers are vilified. Whereas on the Right, the guilty party is run out of town on a rail.

Thanks I will keep on blogging. I love it!

And thank you, Paul, for your kind words. I do not deserve them.

Kevin Gleeson said...

I don't understand Jonathan Bert's reference to "talk radio being the usual vehicle of right wong hatred". As an avid listener of Rush, Medved, and Hannity, I've never heard any vitriol directed at wongs, ever. He should unsubscribe to that weird talking points newsletter and tune in more often, tell ya what!

You're right in stating that the only difference between the Palin teen and "the rest of us" isn't what she did, but having worse luck. She should be lauded (privately), or admired rather, for making the right choice from those circumstances.