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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I Saw On My Washington DC Vacation

The man seen here near the backyard of the White House in the homemade, cardboard burqa would like to subplant our current President by creating a new amendment to our Constitution. He blames President Bush for the 9-11 attacks because they happened, and Bush is therefore culpable.

Cardboard-Burqa Man claims the police like putting him in "compromising positions" in order to keep his amendment from gaining any traction. I didn't ask him for examples of this as I was on my way to lunch at The Occidental. I had a lovely 5pm dinner with Hot and Cold for dessert. If you ever have the chance to dine there outside, do it. The portions are petite but the exploding flavors dance in your mouth. I've made it a tradition the past three visits to D.C..

After him (but before my dining pleasure) I strolled over to a plucky old woman with rotting teeth who hates all things nuclear. We didn't converse, but I was privy to her rambling, scripted diatribe about what's wrong with the world and how it's only Bush's fault. It isn't worth repeating.

Frankly I was a bit disappointed in both the quantity and quality of unhinged, liberal protesting the week of Memorial Day. Perhaps it was Monday's Memorial Day Parade in D.C. that scared the libs away. After all, those who prefer the dark, shun the light. See John 3:19-21.


Paul said...

Bravo, Matt!

Reminds me of Kris Kristofferson's "Talking Viet Nam Blues" from years ago (Check it on YouTube, folks.)

Anonymous said...

Interesting creatures. In some places they would be political prisoners... or dead.