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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tragedy Hits The Steven Curtis Chapman Family

By now you have probably heard the tragic news of Maria Sue Chapman, the 5 year old daughter of Christian singer/song writer, Steven Curtis Chapman, being accidentally killed by the SUV one of her older teenage brothers was driving when it backed out of their driveway on Wednesday. Michelle Malkin has outdone even herself in writing a wonderful tribute to her and Steven. You can read it HERE. And I share the deeply felt sympathies for Maria and the sudden, tragic end to her short life. While much deserved attention has been given to her on other sites and blogs, I am rather concerned at the moment for the brother who accidentally ended that life.

Maria (shown here sitting on her father's lap) was the little sister of her two older brothers, one of whom was celebrating high school graduation the day of the accident, but I don't know which one was driving. And if I knew I wouldn't want to single him out, either. That poor young man will be branded for the rest of his life, if not by others, then certainly by his own memory of his accidental role in her death. Plus the fact that his father is famous will always draw attention to Wednesday's events, no matter where he goes or what he does in life. There is no more pain now for Maria to endure, as her faith in Jesus has ensured her a reservation in Heaven. But her brother's trial is just starting. It is a nightmare that will never end for him. He will have to find strength in his Christian faith and rely upon the prayers of others (that's you and me) in order to deal with such heavy feelings of guilt.

Many without faith in God have committed suicide over events like this, and some with faith have been so overwhelmed as to lose it, albeit temporarily, putting them at risk for self-destruction. It's a good thing the Chapman family is so grounded in the Lord, as they've probably never needed Him more. My heartfelt prayers are with them all.

(Chapman family picture borrowed from Breathecast)