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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holocaust Remembrance Day

May Day means so many different things to different people. When we were kids our Mother would make us create these May baskets full of candy and what-not. Then we would anonymously leave them on people's doorsteps, knock and run away. With any luck we would return home to find someone had done the same for us.

Today it means so many other things. National Day of Prayer comes to mind along with National Loyalty Day, just to name a couple.

For others it means a Communist holiday, invoking the revolution in which the workers supposedly gained power and influence. These days the radicals (lots of emotion, no brains) who would celebrate May 1st this way add a strong element of anti-Americanism and self-loathing to the mix. See Urban Infidel's Union Square photo shoot HERE.

But for Jewish people it is a day of remembrance for the Holocaust in which six million Jews were systematically put to death for the sake of Aryan racial purity. And even though there are valid accounts of events by those who've passed as well as those still living, the Holocaust-deniers seem to have more power than ever today.

The latest testament of denial comes from the terrorist group, Hamas, the members of whom apparently forgot to read the Holocaust denier's manual in which a denier is supposed to deny it happened. See their latest video below.

Hamas claims that the Jews engineered the Holocaust for Darwinist purposes, in which the weaker Jews would be eliminated from the blood lines making for a better, more powerful race of Hebrews. Of course the fact that the Nazis killed the strong Jews along with the weak ones shouldn't get in the way of the facts as told by Hamas. I just can't help but wonder what the Iranians are thinking when they see that video, being that they were told there was no Holocaust at all. Will their blinding hatred shield them from noticing such discrepancies?


Anonymous said...

check spelling: Rememberance

Paul said...

This is brilliant, God bless you.

St. Blogustine said...

Actually anonymous, I spelled it correctly in the body of the post but incorrectly in the title. Very embarrassing for me.

But you spelled it wrong, too. It is remembrance, not rememberance.