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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Steyn And Coulter Weigh In On Obama's Race Speech

At the risk of beating a dead horse (which is hard to do when the equine keeps looking up at you and neighing), I’d like to post snippets of a couple of very good columnists on their latest articles dealing with Obama’s Race Speech.

Mark Steyn has become my favorite conservative columnist for his intellect, clever wit, and attention to detail. One finds it difficult to argue with him on any point because he backs it up so well. Here is an excerpt from his latest:

[The Rev. Wright believes that AIDS was created by the government of the United States – and not as a cure for the common cold that went tragically awry and had to be covered up by Karl Rove, but for the explicit purpose of killing millions of its own citizens. The government has never come clean about this, but the Rev. Wright knows the truth. "The government lied," he told his flock, "about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied."

Does he really believe this? If so, he's crazy, and no sane person would sit through his gibberish, certainly not for 20 years.

Or is he just saying it? In which case, he's profoundly wicked. If you understand that AIDS is spread by sexual promiscuity and drug use, you'll know that it's within your power to protect yourself from the disease. If you're told that it's just whitey's latest cunning plot to stick it to you, well, hey, it's out of your hands, nothing to do with you or your behavior.]

Ann Coulter, in spite of her recent support for a Hillary presidency as a reaction to McCain’s nomination, continues to earn my undying respect. Whereas once she appeared on Sunday round-table discussions sounding rather flummoxed (as though gasping for air), while using the jack-hammer approach to make her points, she now fluidly (and rather attractively) lilts her words as she effortlessly stilettos the arguments of her opponents with surgical skill.

Here is an excerpt from Ann Coulter’s latest:

[We treat blacks like children, constantly talking about their temper tantrums right in front of them with airy phrases about black anger. I will not pat blacks on the head and say, "Isn't that cute?" As a post-racial American, I do not believe "the legacy of slavery" gives black people the right to be permanently ill-mannered.]

And this, too...

[Rev. Wright accuses white people of inventing AIDS to kill black men, but Obama's grandmother -- who raised him, cooked his food, tucked him in at night, and paid for his clothes and books and private school -- has expressed the same feelings about passing black men on the street that Jesse Jackson has.]

Powerful stuff.

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