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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Donate To A Campaign---Lose Your Privacy

There is a new widget on my blog's left column, which I don't think I'll keep for very long, because it links back to the Huffington Post. For those of you who avoid liberal websites, The Huffington Post (aka. Huff Po,...or as Pam at Atlas would say, Puff Ho) is a blog created by Arianna Huffington, that ultra-left-wing, Zsa-zsa Gabor sound-a-like you might have heard once or twice on Sean Hannity some time ago.

The name of the widget is Fundrace 2008, and allows anyone to type in anybody's name to see how much, if any, that person donated to whomever's political campaign. And when I say "anybody" I mean anybody at all. Celebrities, politicians, your next door neighbor,...all of them show up. You can see who Larry David donates to, as well as that friend of yours who claimed to send a candidate money (but really didn't).

But that's not all... When donating to a Presidential campaign you are asked for your name, your mailing address, and your employer's name. Little do you realize at the time that all of this will be public record and can be accessed with a click at Puff Ho---I mean Huffington Post.

Although my own employer is listed for all to see, I had the presence of mind to list my PO Box rather than my physical address. Thank goodness for that. But I would imagine that some celebs have unwittingly made known their home addresses for perverts, stalkers, and overzealous political foes. Some bloggers have done this, too. So much for our rights to privacy. But if you do consider making a campaign donation this year, it might be a good idea to acquire a Post Office Box for your address. And you can always list your employer as The NOYFB Corp. That's None Of Your Friggin' Business.


Kevin Gleeson said...

It didn't show a couple contributions I made to the RNC in 2006 and 2007. One was for $25. Last time I believe anything I read on the Huffington Puffington Compost.

St. Blogustine said...

...a likely story...