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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer Out

What am I supposed to say about Eliot Spitzer?

He resigned because he had no political support from either aisle, and now might face prosecution for money laundering in an attempted cover-up.

The worst part about what he did, in addition to betraying his wife and family, is that he put himself at risk by engaging in unprotected sex. Actually, if he was also maintaining a sexual relationship with his wife, then he also put her at risk, too, for H.I.V., herpes, the clap, etc...

Mrs. Spitzer should have herself checked out very soon with a blood test.

A USA Today article says that one in four girls HAS a sexually transmitted disease. I wonder what the stats are on prostitutes????


Paul said...

"If, if, if....."

Wrong slant, Matt, IMHO. "If" he had engaged in "safe sex," would it be okay? (Like Mr. Hillary?)

What "if" Mrs. Spitzer had known all about it, and condoned it, would it be okay?

And then, as some have alleged, he spent over $80,000 on these assignations over the years, but they were "safe" and "condoned," would they be okay?

Without casting stones, it's safe to say that Mr. Spitzer's downfall came (like Rev. Falwell's and Bakker's) from the exposure of his hypocricy, after using his office for many years to hound many otherwise decent men from their business positions and possessions on the grounds that they didn't measure up to the absolute highest of moral standards.

St. Blogustine said...

"in addition to betraying his wife and family" I said.

The illegality of the situation was not lost on me. In fact I would not approve of his behavior even if he had flown out to the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, NV and had lEGAL, condoned sex with $5K hookers, because he would likely have done it at tax payers expense.

Another example of Democrat HUBRIS.