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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro Only Half Right

First let me thank CNN for fanning the flames of discontent among the Democrats. It’s almost as much fun as watching Hillary supporters accuse the media of bias against their candidate. Now they know what it’s like to be Republican. But nothing is quite like watching Democrats get caught in their own double standards, be they due to racial or gender bias comments.

In defense of Ms. Ferraro, she is at least partially correct on Obama. He is black and he has an electoral advantage for being so. Were it not for his race, the vast majority of blacks would probably be voting for Hillary this year. After all, her husband that they used to love so much used to be considered the first black President. Now he’s a racist redneck from Arkansas who beats up on their latest African-American candidate. And all because most Democrats have found someone they like better: Barack Obama. Perhaps they never really liked the Clintons, they simply clung to them until someone better came along.

And one cannot miss the fact that Obama has only been in Washington for two years. His only other experience in government are his years as a state legislator in Illinois. Now granted there was one other Presidential candidate in our nation’s history with such a resume, but Lincoln was thought by many at the start of his administration to be woefully unequal to the tasks at hand. And after much bungling, Honest Abe came into his own around 1863. Then eventually, by the start of his second term, became the man most consider to be one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

In this day and age when cities and even entire nations can be vaporized in a matter of minutes, we really don’t have time for on-the-job training for someone whose greatest qualification is that he is minority, and therefore looks like America. So for these reasons Ferraro is right.

But what Ms. Ferraro misses is that Barack Obama is really quite charismatic, and would be so even if he were white. He is very intelligent in spite of his leftist views. And I would also say, myself having had a brief career in radio, that he sounds charismatic even without video. His voice is deeply rich and pleasing to the ear. That has to help.

But offering up Hillary Clinton as the alternative is quite laughable. She would not have gone far in politics if her name were simply Hillary Rodham. All of those softball questions she’s gotten from the time she ran against Lazio for Senate until the MSM fell in lust for Obama would have been merely her dream….like dreams of most Republican candidates.

May God save us from silly, Peter-Pan, Democrat voters who will never grow up…


Paul said...

Excellent analysis, Matt!

It is really starting to get ugly in the Dem race, but as a GOP voter, I relish it. Let them keep at it through PA and beyond!