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Monday, February 4, 2008

Vote Romney!!!

For the past several weeks I have watched in worried fascination the rebirth of the McCain campaign from its death struggle, at a time when he ran out of funds and campaign staff, through several debates in which he won over the audience with humorously clever and powerful comments, to his victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida.

Never having thought much of Senator McCain for several reasons (see top ten reasons here), I have learned many other reasons to be nervous about a possible McPresidency. One of them is his inability to control his anger or at times temper his foul mouth. On the Senate floor obscenities could be heard from him (so I'm told) after McCain-Kennedy went down in flames. Those who hate President Bush's so-called "cowboy diplomacy" should know they may be exchanging it for McCain's "trailer park diplomacy."

Senator McCain as recently as last weekend (on Meet The Press) told a blatant lie about Mitt Romney, claiming that Gov. Romney supports time tables to bring our troops home before the job is done. The truth is that Romney only supported secret time tables as benchmarks or goals known only between the leaders of the US and Iraq, so our enemies would not have an advantage in knowing our departure date. This is reasonable for Romney or anyone else. But what McCain did proves he will say anything to be elected.

Governor Mitt Romney
, whom I am currently supporting, has been criticized for "flip-flopping" on some key issues. And while I have some concerns about this, it is far better than someone like McCain or even Gov. Huckabee, both of whom have altered positions on Amnesty for illegal aliens, and Huckabee also for his position on Guantanemo Bay during the course of the campaign. To my knowledge Romney has held steady on every issue since the campaign started, which tells me he is likely to keep his promises after he's elected.

The role of Governor Huckabee seems to have veered from Presidential hopeful to campaign spoiler. This is odd considering the hoopla made by the Huckabee camp over Fred Thompson's attacks during the South Carolina debates, after which it was claimed by the Huckattackdogs that Fred was secretly spoiling in favor of McCain. Now it appears that the Arkansas Huckster, having no chance at winning the top seat, may be settling for the "warm bucket of spit" that is the office of VP, and hopes to get it by spoiling for the subject of his "man-crush," McCain. By the way, we are still waiting for Fred's McCain endorsement...

I know I'm all over the place in this posting; and that's the way my mind has been since Fred Thompson pulled out. But after serious consideration of Romney's temperament, his business acumen (hey, our dollar is lower than CANADA!!!), the fact he lives his values, and is clearly the best choice left standing thus far, I am officially throwing my support to former Governor Mitt Romney. After all, could you really feel comfortable with McCain carrying the nuke suitcase? Not me, nor does Ann Coulter. Though unlike Coulter, I would probably not go for Hillary over McCain.

Good luck tomorrow, Governor Romney!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

Paul said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Matt. I was a Thompson guy, too, but find that Romney is closer to the conservative core (and the presidential temperament) than his arch-rival, Mac.

(Nevertheless, I'll hold my nose and vote for McCain if he's the GOP candidate in November. because regardless of his aberrations, he's much better than the Dem alternatives.)

Anonymous said...

Scratch my last comment, looks like Mitt's stepping aside. Maybe cut a deal for VP before Huck could? I don't see a McCain-Thompson ticket. Even though GOP would prefer a balanced team (Lib/Consv)they won't run 2 older guys together.

St. Blogustine said...

No, I agree with you on Fred. That would look pretty pathetic with two wrinkled oldies against Hillary and/or Obama.

The man who I have in mind is very conservative, knows economics, is fiscally frugal, and hails from an important swing state (OH). That man is John Kasich.