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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disturbing Revelations About The Obamas

What on earth are we to make of these comments by Michelle Obama, the wife of Presidential Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama? Was it a slip of the tongue? Did she really mean to sound like she did? Did she really have no pride for this country until so many started voting for her husband?

Michelle Malkin referred to Mrs. Obama and the audience who received this statement so warmly as a “sad, empty, narcissistic, ungrateful, unthinking lot,” in order for them to be so “devoid of pride in their country for their adult lifetimes,” in this article. Mrs. Malkin goes on to list several instances over the past 20 years in which most Americans have felt enormous pride in our country, and does so quite convincingly.

So what then is Michelle Obama’s problem with pride in America?

You’ll note that the first reason she mentions finally having pride is that her husband is doing well, as if to say I’m proud of America for voting for Barack. And that in and only in itself is nothing to be alarmed about. Such pride would be natural. But then she attempts to repair the gaffe about never having been previously proud by going into how “alone in (her) frustration and disappointment (she’s) been.” Frustrated and disappointed in what? Is she ignoring the eight year reign of the first black president, Bill Clinton? Or perhaps she’s forgotten all those years their Democrats controlled Congress. One thing is for certain: Mr. and Mrs. Obama are unified in their basic opinions and views of the world in general. So what is their problem? And what do they see as the right path America should take?

Looking at the Obamas a little closer we find they belong to a church in Chicago called Trinity United Church of Christ which some have referred to as a beacon of black separatism. Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., the church pastor, has preached that America was founded on and is still run on white racism, that 9-11 was retribution for America’s racism, and that Zionism is the equivalent of racism. Ronald Kessler of makes these and several other disturbing observations about the church, its pastor, and the possible effects on Obama, here. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of voting for Obama over Hillary and/or McCain to read it.

Now if I were a black person obsessed with race all the time, and if I felt that America was a country criminally negligent and oppressive to my people then and even now, and I tried very hard to keep my anger hidden so as not to impede my success in spite of my angry separatist beliefs, I would probably inadvertently manifest my displeasure in some sort of subconsciously, passive-aggressive form. For instance, I might forget to place my hand on my heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, or not wear an American flag lapel pin, or choose to continue to attend angry, black separatist sermons even after publicly distancing myself from the pastor (all being strange behavior for a Presidential candidate!). I might treat the man we’ve honored in the past as the first black president with much disdain, and imply he and his wife cannot be trusted. Or…if I were Michelle Obama, I might let it slip that I’ve never felt an ounce of pride in America…until my husband started doing well and people started seeing things our way (like hanging banners of Cuban flags with the image of Che Guevara).

I begin to feel appreciation for John McCain when I consider the alternatives before me…
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