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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fred Thompson Candidacy Withdrawn...So Now What???

Freds statement:

Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.

posted by Fred


I am still convinced that, given enough time, the rest of the country would see what Rush Limbaugh, all the Fredheads, Michelle Malkin, and so many others have seen: Fred Thompson is the only true conservative candidate for President. If only you had downed the Red Bull sooner, Fred.

So whom do we look to now?

John McCain took a while to catch on, even having to borrow a few million at one point after losing most of his campaign staff. But he hit a few home runs in the debates, and people kind of forgot about the McCain-Kennedy shamnesty bill from last May. If/when they sober up McCain will slide again.

Frankly I do not trust him. Although he was a hero in the war, that does not necessarily translate into the world of politics. Some men lose that strength of character that made them heroes when they take office (or we find they never had it to begin with). Ulysses Grant was a great general during the Civil War, but had two very corrupt terms as President later. John Glenn proved his character as a member of the Mercury Seven in space, but later thwarted our own Fred Thompson during the China-gate hearings. And the afore mentioned Senator John McCain...have we forgotten about the Keating Five? The S&L bail-out resulted in a huge run-up in our national debt (a few trillion), and caused a deep recession that resulted in the departure of President George H. W. Bush in exchange for two terms of Bill Clinton.

Huckabee is great on abortion. He supports the Life Amendment, where even Fred would not. The problem with Huck is that he cannot run from the rest of his record. One cannot claim he did not have success as governor of Arkansas, but he governed not as a conservative but as a populist (and some would even say liberal).

Illegal immigration is a major issue these days and Huckabee has been weak on it, wanting to grant scholarships to high school grads here illegally...early in the Primary. Now he speaks as if he wishes to deport all 12 million illegals back to their countries. Sounds like a flip-flop to me, and so recent!

Though he comes off as a pious christian on the campaign trail, he appears to me to be as ambitious as Lucifer. But then many successful politicians often are. Still, back in the days when part of my career in finance included bill collection, I found pastors to be some of the biggest deadbeats around, in spite of their piety.

Former Governor Mitt Romney seems to be the logical choice from what is left. He knows more than anyone about dealing with the economy (which seems to be a growing issue these days) and he handles himself quite well in interviews and debates.

The problem with Mitt is his national electability. Poll after poll shows he cannot beat Hillary or Obama. Its not even close. For his religion the people of this country may sacrifice their pocketbooks.

Rudy Giuliani was my very first choice when he threw his hat in the ring last Spring...until I found out he donated his own money to pro-abortion Planned Parenthood and supported public funding of abortions. When I found that out I forgot all about his great record as Mayor of New York.

Actually my very VERY first choice was Tommy Thompson, the innovative problem solver who introduced us to welfare reform and school choice through his excellent conservative work in Wisconsin as governor. But his hearing aid kept going on the fritz and he shouted at everyone during the debates.

Why didn't we like Duncan Hunter more? Was it the hairdo?


Anonymous said...

Mitt's electable, even against HRC.

Biff said...

HRC??? Her Royal C___? Or Hillary Rodham Clinton? Same difference.