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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama And The Fainted Ladies

Each incident by itself does not look suspicious. However, the collection of them does.

Though I suppose it is remotely possible that all these ladies could be faking their fainting just so Obama personally addresses them. It is more likely, in light of recent plagiarizing accusations regarding Obama speeches, that Obama is a bigger phony than Hillary, herself. And that all of these incidents are ploys to show how much he cares.

Michael Medved pointed out on his show that it seemed odd for Obama to say "I think she'll be okay now" to those who responded to one of the fainted ladies in one incident. After all, reasons Medved, how would he know if she's okay? She could've had an epileptic seizure or a heart attack (paraphrasing). In other words, he must have known by virtue of her faking that she was in no danger. Or is Obama simply overcome with HUBRIS?