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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Only True Conservative Candidate Makes A Sprint For The Iowa Finish Line

Some pundits (like Dick Morris) have already decided that Fred Thompson is down for the count and will withdraw from the race after Iowa. I consider this wishful thinking on their part (especially Morris, who loves Giuliani), as well as a display of ignorance about political races Fred Thompson has previously entered. The truth is that Fred has never lost an election in his life, and has come from behind to victory in every one of them.

The Presidential Primary is a very long and drawn-out election that starts, but will not end, in Iowa. Its a shame that some otherwise intelligent people (like Morris!) need to be reminded of that. They should also know that candidates popularity will ebb and flow frequently along the way. John McCain is a good example of this, and we have seen him go from being all but down-for-the-count to being a contender once again.

Fred Thompson has been campaigning very hard in the past few weeks and will continue to do so in Iowa up until the caucus. And while a somewhat recent Rassmussen poll had Fred at 11% with an approval rating of 67% (highest of all), a new Strategic Vision poll from last Friday shows him moving into 3rd place at 16%. The final sprint to the January 3rd Caucuses is paying off!

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