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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What's Up With Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper has a problem with this? I have a problem with Anderson Cooper allowing liberal activists (posing as undecided voters) lobbing leading "attack"questions to Republican candidates, when the same wasn't allowed at the Democrat You-Tube debate months ago. CNN (Crescent News Network) has apologized for not taking a couple of minutes to Google the questioners to see if they were lying about their political disposition. I guess that's less self-injurious than admitting to gross liberal bias in their agenda-driven crusade to return the Democrats to the White House. Do they really think anyone buys that tripe?


Anonymous said...

In regards to selected questions for both debates, Cooper and his producers said publicly from the beginning that they weren't investigating into the lives of the questionners. One of the videos used in the Dem debate was submitted on the same day as the debate - there's no way they knew anything about that guy's possible allegiances. There were no guarantees in either debate that the questionners were supporters of the party at the debate, just that they were youtube users. The guy at the first debate who complained about taxes and the angry sounding guy who asked what "in god we trust" means to the candidates didn't seem much like Democrats.

Personally I don't think the general was acting for Clinton anyway, because that would have been the stupidest plan imaginable. How many gay activist brigadeer generals can there be? IDing the guy was ridiculously easy, and any politician with any brains would know that would easy. Pulling something like that would hurt Hillary's public image by making her look more weaselly than she already does. And for what? Don't Ask Don't Tell is a Clinton policy that the Dems attack her for being involved in. It's not an issue one of her people would have an incentive to raise if they were thinking about her campaign. I think the gay general raised it because he was thinking about his own personal cause and getting it heard wherever he could.

St. Blogustine said...

One prerequisite of submitting a You-Tube question was that the questioner not misrepresent him/herself. People actively working/volunteering for a particular candidate's campaign were to be excluded. There were at least 5 noted questioners who claimed to be undecided, but who actually were actively involved in the campaign...or the other side!

The Clinton campaign has a history of this kind of activity (as did her husband's campaign in one of the 1992 town hall debates---> What personal experiences do you have with poverty? (I think this was the question) which resulted in Bill Clinton giving the famous I-feel-your-pain answer.

This You-Tube debate was the strangest of all, and the one that was supposed to make Republicans look stupid and ineffective. Fortunately it missed on both counts. It was CNN who looked that way.

Thanks for your input. Next time please leave us a name.

Frank said...

To borrow a bit from a phrase by Ann Coulter...

If CNN had any brains...they'd be Fox News.

Good post, Matt