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Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama Quietly Signs Death Warrant For Unborn Babies Overseas

Without fanfare...without the press in attendance...President Obama issued an executive order yesterday, reversing the Bush administration's ban on federal funding to international organizations which provide abortions, mostly in developing countries.

It was expected Obama would issue this order, as President Clinton did too, shortly after taking office. The original ban was issued by President Reagan in 1984, continued under President George H. W. Bush, and re-enacted under his son, President George W. Bush. Hopefully it will be enacted yet again under a Republican President in four years after Obama is (hopefully) booted out of office.

The fact that Obama tried to do this under the radar was not lost on St. Blogustine. We know that Obama, being the only (then) state legislator to vote against the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act, knows abortion is a touchy issue for the 47% who voted against him. And this is why no press was present at the signing of this particular executive order. Obama needs a unified country in this time of international and economic strife. Makes me wounder how he'll go about signing the FOCA. In the middle of the night, perhaps??? Or possibly just after some natural disaster ravages an entire state, hoping FOCA will be lost in the back pages of the newspapers. We pray we will never find out.

(photo from DailyMail online)